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Trike Launch Training

Learn to fly with our Trike Launch Course

  • Class will be held either in San Luis Pass or Surfside Beach, TX

Service Description

The training curriculum commences with a comprehensive exploration of theoretical principles pertaining to trikes. This segment encompasses operational procedures, maintenance protocols, and the nuanced techniques involved in maneuvering a glider while piloting a trike. Given the heightened intricacy associated with trike operation, this initial phase assumes paramount significance. Subsequently, participants transition to the practical domain, commencing with ground handling—an aspect that constitutes the most extensive segment of the training regimen. Mastery in this domain necessitates dedicated practice sessions spanning numerous hours, facilitating the development of muscle memory and proficiency in handling the glider across diverse scenarios. Such proficiency is indispensable for ensuring optimal safety standards. The training regimen culminates in a tandem flight experience alongside the instructor, providing participants with invaluable insight into their response mechanisms within airborne environments. Upon attaining the instructor's assessment of readiness, participants are afforded the opportunity to embark on their inaugural solo flight, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards piloting proficiency.

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303 Seacoast Dr, Freeport, TX 77541, USA

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