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Our Background

Choosing Success

Houston PPG was founded with a singular mission: to facilitate the exhilarating experience of Paramotor Flying for enthusiasts. Our team, comprised of avid flying enthusiasts, possesses a wealth of knowledge derived from hands-on experience with the finest products in the field. This unique expertise positions us as the ideal partners to assist you in constructing the perfect paramotor setup.

In addition to our product offerings, we extend our commitment to the growth of the paramotoring community by providing comprehensive classes. Explore the educational opportunities available through our school by visiting our dedicated Training Page.

With over two decades of flying experience, Fabrizio, also known as Breezy, stands as a seasoned authority in the realm of paramotoring. His extensive knowledge encompasses every facet of the sport. Whether you are a novice embarking on your paramotoring journey or seeking advanced training, Breezy is dedicated to guiding you safely towards your goals while ensuring a enjoyable experience throughout the process.

Focused on Your Success

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Planned Community Gatherings

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