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The Charger 2 is a full-blooded reflex paramotoring glider. New, seasoned and experienced pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger 2 and appreciate its incredibly easy launching and landing characteristics, superb stability and excellent cruising speed. These qualities made the Chargers famous and thus form a reputation of exceptional gliders in the world of powered paragliding.

With the serial risers, which include trimmers and speed system, the Charger 2's speed range can easily be dialed in to meet the pilot's wishes. With trimmers pulled in the Charger 2's climb is similar to non-reflex paragliders. With trim out, speed and penetration increase significantly. For flights of long duration in full reflex mode the Charger 2 can be comfortably controlled using the wingtip steering handles. They are perfectly placed on the risers and ingeniously designed to mimic the lighter forces of serial brakes.

Charger 2 by MacPara

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