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If you are a recent graduate from Houston PPG, and you are certain that you have gained the confidence/approval from Fabrizio (aka "Breezy"), under his instruction... You should qualify to achieve PPG1 and PPG2 ratings.

The USPPA website is a bit confusing and difficult to navigate, regarding the steps to get through the certification process. This webpage is intended to simplify and guide the applicant through the process of getting certified.

On the USPPA website, it lists 3-criteria or requirements to get your rating as follows:

  • Practical exercise/demonstrating the various skills

  • On-line written examination

  • Copy of training syllabus, signed by instructor and student.

Step 1:

Join USPPA, as a member, via this link:

The cost is $34/yr, and gets you into their registry. You must be listed, so that Fabrizio can find your name when he goes to make recommendations for your certification.

Step 2:


Download and print out the syllabus. Meet with Breezy and fill out the appropriate sections as it pertains to the rating you are trying to get certified. It's important that both signatures are captured for the appropriate sections. If you are getting the PPG 1 and PPG 2 ratings at the same time, make sure that the box is initialed, at the top of PPG 2, where it says "Initial here if PPG 1 syllabus was also completed."



Make sure that Breezy takes a picture of the signature page(s), because they will be needed when he logs in to enter your new rating credentials.






Next Step:

Once Breezy has the pictures of the syllabus, he will login using his own USPPA credentials. Under the instructor page, He will be able to select "your name" (because you already joined USPPA, as a member), along with the recommended rating he wishes to grant. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER... THE INSTRUCTOR WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE A RATING.









On-line Written Test

USPPA mentions a requirement for an on-line written test in multiple places. As of this writing (10-18-2021), we cannot find any procedures on how to access this test nor it's review/grading requirements.

On the USPPA website, there is a mention, dated (March 31st, 2015), about the testing being administered through a third party. There are no further updates after this posting.

More to follow (last update: 10-18-2021).​