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A $500 Deposit Is Required

To Hold Your Place!



Contact Fabrizio Vitorri (aka - "Breezy") and let him know your interested.

During your conversation, introduce yourself and be candid. All kinds of people approach Houston PPG about training. Some are serious, while others are not quite ready to make the commitment. Some people are just not mentally cutout for this type of activity. SAFETY IS EVERYTHING!


Breezy will do his own evaluation, for physical readiness, and accommodations you may need. You DO NOT need to be an athlete to take part in this sport, but training is definitely rigorous. If you have any physical limitations, such as bad knees or ankles, let Breezy know in advance.



Each class is limited to about 4 people at a time. As you start your class, other students may be at various stages or flying independently. New students require and/or desire one-on-one time with the instructor. After-all, quality instruction is what you are paying for. Paying your fee accomplishes a few things.

  • That you are serious about training, and not wasting anyone's time;

  • Ensures fairness to other students that have already paid their fee


If you are not satisfied, or decide it's not for you... Refunds are available upon request (case-by-case).






  • How / Where do I pay?
    You can pay via PayPal through this website, or coordinate with Breezy for something like Zelle, or personal check, cashier's check, etc...

  • What do I need to bring on the first day?
    Comfortable shoes, sun block, hat, cold drinks (small cooler). Dress for the sun.

  • How much does training cost?
    $2,000, in total. The deposit fee will get you started, but full payment is expected, before training is completed. This fee includes training apparatus for the "kiting" portion of the class.

  • How long does training take?
    It takes approx. 15 days on average to go from Day 1 to first flight. It is possible to fly sooner, but it varies by actual student capabilities and proficiency though each step. 

  • Can I rent equipment, rather than buy?
    Houston PPG, will provide all the equipment for the kiting portion of the training. You can most definitely start training without owning anything. At some point during the training, you will want to seriously consider purchasing your own equioment in order to fly. Don't worry, as you have plenty of time to decide. Sometimes, used equipment comes up for sale, at good price, but this is not a guarantee.

  • How much does a new setup cost?
    Motor, frame, and harness come as an assembly and can vary anywhere from $6,000 - $10,000
    - Parachute (wing), can vary somewhere between $3,600 - $4,000
    Each individual setup is custom, based on the components that you choose, so the price can vary widely.

  • I saw a good deal somewhere... Should I buy it before I start training?
    This is actually discouraged, because the average student is going to learn and be exposed to all kinds of equipment. Not all equipment is created equal, and some brands are junk (i.e. - bad quality). If you make a bad decision, you might be stuck with it, and it could actually end up costing you more money in the long run. Talk with your instructor, FIRST, before committing to buying something you've seen somewhere else.



Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. Use the email form below or call us at (832) 292- 5620.  Thank you for visiting our Site.

A few notes: Don't leave a voice message. The best way to contact is by calling again later, or sending a text message. The E-mail does go directly to an inbox, that is monitored regularly, but calling may still be the best option. On most weekends, the Houston PPG staff is on the beach training (Thursday - Sunday), so getting back to you may be delayed. Monday thru Weds is mostly back office work and other logistics (ordering equip. shipping, etc...) If you call, and Fabrizio doesn't answer, he may be busy on the beach with students (lots of noise), or something else. Try again later...

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