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After completing training with Houston PPG, you'll be a competent & confident pilot who will be able to safely launch, pilot, and land your paramotor in the appropriate conditions and environment. Head instructor, Fabrizio Vittori, is a bilingual USPPA Certified powered paragliding pilot with years of experience flying and teaching others foot launch and wheel launch. 


Training starts with kiting. Kiting the wing (or paraglider) is a crucial skill to master before you get in the air. It's like learning to fly on the ground. We take safe measures and require a lot of time getting to know the paraglider on the ground to ensure safe handling of it while in the air. Understanding the dynamics of the wing and how to control it will be thoroughly discussed and mastered throughout the training process. We all develop skills at different rates, so making sure those kiting skills are second nature before getting a motor on your back is of the highest priority to us. 


Once you develop your kiting skills, you'll begin practicing with the motor on your back, but not running. This practice allows you to adjust to the added weight and gear while you still maintain control of the wing. Once comfortable, you'll practice with your motor running and learn how to use your throttle/thrust appropriately. Your first flight will be a tandem discovery flight with the instructor where you can better feel the timing and technique of launching, landing and controlling the glider in the air. Then when you're ready it will be your turn to execute your first solo flight (instructor directed)! 


Below are some of the areas we will cover in your training:

  • Aviation Rules

  • Appropriate Environment & Weather Conditions

  • Parts of the paraglider, frame, and engine

  • Preparing Wing

  • Avoiding tangles and getting knots out

  • Verifying clear lines

  • Hooking in

  • Pre-flight check

  • Forward Launch

  • Reverse Launch

  • Inland/Beach Kiting

  • Kiting with motor on but not running

  • Using throttle

  • Securing Equipment

  • Wing folding, stuffing and storage

  • Motor post-flight and storage

  • Emergency Protocols

  • Dangers, risks, and how to avoid them

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. Use the email form below or call us at (832) 292- 5620.  Thank you for visiting our Site.

A few notes: Don't leave a voice message. The best way to contact is by calling again later, or sending a text message. The E-mail does go directly to an inbox, that is monitored regularly, but calling may still be the best option. On most weekends, the Houston PPG staff is on the beach training (Thursday - Sunday), so getting back to you may be delayed. Monday thru Weds is mostly back office work and other logistics (ordering equip. shipping, etc...) If you call, and Fabrizio doesn't answer, he may be busy on the beach with students (lots of noise), or something else. Try again later...

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